Artistic Gibberish

FAFA, refocus and love your life and bring laughter because that is what you love. To give and to receive. The visions of your arrow bring you happiness. Thank you to the creator for what I have received… what I will receive and what I have been able to share. In the eyes of you there is no judgment upon what I have and don’t have… there is only real power and truth, such as a storm. A waterfall,. a tree,. death and life … That is power, that is truth, that is real.

When you look back on your life you will say. I am not a slave to my society. I am my master. I made my choices all for the ones I love and for the love of my vision. Now I step into a new pathway, seeing where else the crows roads may take me. No more dancer down! No more clown down! Continue forth through the shadows of life to find peace where ever you are and in whatever you may do!!!

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