Who is Faeble Kievman?

“His unique artist journey through life is reflected in his unconventional sense of humor and his personal philosophy will have you reassess what it means to be truly free”

‘Blight Productions’


“The poetically mischievous clown, Faeble Kievman, infuses his clowning with moving depth”.

‘Spectical Magazine’

“He revels as this unlikely femme fatale until we begin to accept him in this guise and his triumph is complete! Faeble’s employment of pole-balancing and jar juggling provides audiences with glimpses of Chinese skills rarely seen in America”.


Faeble Kievman is a clown, circus artist, performance artist, street performer, and all around weirdly wonderful human. He has worked as a stunt actor and with the Big Underwear Social Tour through Mexico and Central America and Clowns Without Borders. Faeble has made humans laugh all over this planet, including the China Wuqiao International Circus Festival, Nanjing International Circus and Comedy Exchange Festival, Circus Zoppe, The New Pickle Circus, Sardine Family Circus, along with clowning around internationally with his company Cirque en Deroute for three international tours where they have won over audiences in festivals from country to country. Some other creations have been working with Circus Bella in Japan, he worked for Cirque Starlight in Switzerland 2014, performed at A.C.T. Geary Theater and was in creation and performance with Acrobatic Conundrum. After finishing up performing with Flynn Creek Circus in the summer of 2015. He was the clown for Lewis and Clark Circus and comedy read thread for Krystalpalst Variety, Cirque du Soleil, and now Freidrichsbau Variete.


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